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Air Freight

Air Freight is one of the services we offered for transfer and shipment of goods.  Air freight service is an express shipping option that makes it a valuable option for coordinating time-sensitive shipments to almost anywhere in the world, in efficiency and effective manner. Shipping by air also offers the advantage of a high level of security as airport controls over cargo with tight control.

Thus, Air freight service became widely utilized as one of the central delivery options in importing or exporting.
ASL Shipping Line LLC as Customs broker is able to determine the most reliable and cost-effective means for using air freight options to coordinate an individual parcel or shipment deliveries. As a customs broker, we are able to negotiate the vast array of options and determine the most applicable means to ensure efficient and on-time delivery.


Our Air Freight Services includes:

    • Door-to-Airport Service
    • Custom clearance
    • Information services
    • > performance and tracking reports

    • Consolidation of cargo or consigned as express packages on direct flight
    • Documentation services

> management & delivery of accurate, compliant and cost-effective international trade

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