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ASL Shipping Line LLC provides a comprehensive customs clearance service for Import and Export shipments departing from the USA and arriving at Jebel Ali port, Dubai, UAE.

Our professional team awareness of United Arab Emirates Import law enables us to provide a recommendation on port services and laws to our clients. Dealing with a responsibility to all matters related to; Custom Duty, Inspection, Custom documentation, Claim submission, Custom exit and other customs procedures mainly related to vehicles.

Customs clearance is one of a complex business at ASL Shipping line. However, our team’s expertise in Customs Clearance guarantee the excellence and promptness in the entire customs process, wherever is the country of origin or destination.

Provided as the industries standard; access to import agents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our phone, out-of-hours service,  email response systems, we also offer guidance onto complex customs documentation supplying specific instruction to ensure your submissions can be promptly processed.

If you would like to discuss Custom Clearance. Please click locations below to call or email us.

California,                   New Jersey,          Savannah ,              Houston,          Jebel Ali DXB

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