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Do you ship a vehicle in any condition?

Yes, We are shipping any type of vehicle at any condition from any places in USA.

What documents are required to ship a vehicle?

We required the following:

  • Original Certificate of ownership title without Lien record
  • Used vehicle or pre-owned
  • > existing Certificate of Title can be endorsed by the seller to the new owner

  • New vehicle
  • > Original Certificate of Origin must be obtained from the vehicle dealership. We need this to
    get Custom Clearance.
    > Bill of Sale is also required with Notarized

  • No Sales Tax is payable to the Seller and proof of export will be given to the Seller if requested.
  • Power of Attorney giving a permission to clear your documents on your behalf – since some of the
    ports will ask

How can i track my vehicle?

ASL Shipping Line website provides public tracking for your vehicle. And also, ASL shipping line account will allow you to track all of your vehicles in an easy way.

What is the benefit of ASL Account?

ASL Shipping Line account benefits:

  • Manage account online
  • > Invoices
    > Statement
    > Transactions

  • Manage your vehicles inventory
  • > Car on hand
    > Car on the way
    > Shipped vehicles
    > Manifest vehicles
    > Vehicles with or without title

  • Able you to monitor your containers
  • > ETA

Where can I check the status of the vehicle after it is towed?

Two (2) options to check:

Once the vehicle arrived at the destination, to which we can ask for assistance?

Our Dubai Office will assist. Please don’t hesitate to call us on +971 – 4-224-9714 or +971 – 4-224-9715. Or send us email at [email protected] or [email protected] .

Wanted to Ship a vehicle in a Container?

We offer a container service for car shipping. This includes special ramps to ensure your vehicle is carefully loaded in place and strapping to keep it safe and secure inside the container. 20ft, 40ft and 45ft container use for this purpose.

What is Ro/Ro?

Roll-on roll-off is the most common form of overseas vehicle shipping. The car is loaded on to the vessel under deck on a ship specifically reserved for vehicle freight forwarding. This is very expensive as compare to container shipping.

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